Honeycomb Kojic Acid Soap

This soap is being heralded as one of the most effective Kojic Acid skin whitening soaps on the market today. It's a known fact that Kojic Acid inhibits the production of melanin in ones skin.

This Honeycomb Kojic Acid soap facilitates skin whitening in a fast and effective manner with it's secret "Honeycomb" formula.

The unique combination of honey, milk, Glutathione, and Kojic Acid allow this soap to penetrate deep below the skins epidermis to inhibit the formation of melanin.

This soap holds a Platinum Edition label because every bar is handmade using only the highest quality ingredients. Honeycomb Kojic Acid Soap should be used no more than twice a day.

For best results use Honeycomb Kojic Acid Soap with suncream if your skin is exposed to sunlight during the day.

Ingredient:s Kojic Acid, Honey, Milk, Coconut Oil, Glutathione, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C

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